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Our Story

Welcome to Swasthya Life, a wellness studio dedicated to helping you find balance and nourishment for your mind, body, and soul. Our comprehensive program includes yoga, meditation, fitness classes, and other holistic practices to help you transform your life and embrace your journey to wellness. Our peaceful studio and skilled instructors create a welcoming and supportive environment, encouraging you to unwind and rejuvenate as you work towards your health and happiness goals. We invite you to discover the power of self-care and sustain your well-being at Swasthya Life.

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Dr. Parag Thuse

Dr. Parag Thuse is the founder and driving force behind Swasthya Life, a wellness studio that has been helping people find balance and nourishment for over 30 years. Dr. Thuse is an Ayurvedic doctor with a deep understanding of the ancient Indian system of natural healing. He has dedicated his career to helping people live healthier, more fulfilling lives through the practices of yoga, meditation, and other holistic modalities. Dr. Thuse's passion and expertise have made Swasthya Life a trusted and beloved destination for those seeking to enhance their well-being.

Founder, Swasthya Life


Care and Commitment

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