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Mindfulness, Breath(Pranayama) and Meditation Workshop

6 Days

By Dr. Parag Thuse

Join now at INR 4000 
INR 1200/-

Limited peroid offer

Learn in the best and most scientific way to improve your immunity and manage stress.

Take charge of your mind and health with our step-by-step online training.

We'll help you understand the science behind meditation, breathwork, and pranayama, as well as the numerous benefits they offer.

Through our program, you can bring true transformation from within and make pranayama and meditation a part of your daily routine.

With our guidance, you'll be able to live a stress-free, serene, and happy life.

Improper breathing causes:


Accelerated Aging, Fatigue, Stress, ​Lack of focus, ​High Blood Pressure, ​Poor Sleep ​Even Deadly Disease


It takes more than simple meditation, deep breathing, or yoga to correct these faulty breathing patterns that are affecting your health.

FIX YOUR HABITS OF BREATHING FOREVER and regain a grip on your health.



Boost your energy


Calm and balance your mind


Improve blood flow to heart and body


Increase your positivity.


Deal with stress, depression, anxiety, anger etc.


Improve oxygen level.


Improve your concentration memory.


Heals the body physically & emotionally.


Plays a key role in Anti-Aging

And Many More...​

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Dr. Parag Thuse

Founder, Swasthya Life

International life coach, Auryveda doctor and counsellor

Dr. Parag Thuse is the founder and driving force behind Swasthya Life, a wellness studio that has been helping people find balance and nourishment for over 30 years. Dr. Thuse is an Ayurvedic doctor with a deep understanding of the ancient Indian system of natural healing. He has dedicated his career to helping people live healthier, more fulfilling lives through the practices of yoga, meditation, and other holistic modalities. Dr. Thuse's passion and expertise have made Swasthya Life a trusted and beloved destination for those seeking to enhance their well-being.

Join now at INR 4000 
INR 1200/-

Limited peroid offer


Reach out to us on Whatsapp if you have any questions

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